The Water Patrol

"The Water Patrol" by artist Justin Young transports viewers to the tranquil mid-morning prairie pastures of southeastern Colorado. In this captivating painting, nature's subtle beauty and the artist's keen eye for detail harmonize to create a serene and vivid tableau.

The backdrop of the painting features the vast expanse of the Colorado prairie, with the endless horizon dominated by the silhouette of a solitary windmill. Its presence is a testament to the region's reliance on these iconic structures, strategically positioned near water sources, and often nestled amidst the rolling plains.

However, it is the trio of Scaled Quail that takes center stage in this remarkable composition. These birds, native to the southwestern United States, capture the essence of life on the prairie. Two of them perch gracefully on a weathered log, their delicate plumage contrasting beautifully against the muted earth tones of their surroundings. Their beady, bright eyes fixate on the water source in the distance, conveying an unwavering determination to reach it. Their gaze, almost as if they are looking back at the artist, hints at a moment of connection between the viewer and the wildlife, as if the quail themselves invite us to share in their anticipation.

The third Scaled Quail, meanwhile, is seen on the ground, contributing a sense of balance to the composition. It appears poised, ready to join its companions on the log or embark on its own journey to the water source. Each bird is meticulously rendered, their feathers meticulously detailed, attesting to the artist's deep understanding and reverence for these creatures.

Justin Young's artistic prowess shines through in "The Water Patrol," a masterful blend of nature's beauty, prairie life, and meticulous observation. The painting transports viewers to the heart of the Colorado prairies, where the windmill stands as a sentinel of sustenance and the Scaled Quail exemplify the resilience and harmony of wildlife in their natural habitat. This artwork serves as a testament to both the artist's skill and his passion for capturing the timeless allure of the natural world.

Edition Size 800 Signed and Numbered

Paper Size 16 X 20 Inches

Image Size 12 X 15 Inches