A Maestro of Wildlife Artistry

Truly great art touches us emotionally and its creation and sharing is the bridge that moves us from our worldly experience to the spiritual knowing of all things found in the cosmos.
— Justin I. Young

Justin Young stands as an illustrious figure in the realm of contemporary wildlife artistry. Carrying forth a lineage rich in artistic prowess, Justin embarked on his artistic journey at the tender age of four, shaping his destiny as a painter and sculptor. His relentless passion for wildlife, a calling that courses through his veins, has been nurtured alongside his formal education in Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University. Here, he seamlessly integrated into the art department, imbibing the time-honored traditions of drawing, painting, and sculpting in the classical tradition.

Justin's oeuvre, distinguished by its extraordinary design and color mastery, is a testament to his profound understanding of the subjects he brings to life on canvas and in sculpted form. His artistic goal is to unveil the unique beauty and symbiotic relationship between each animal subject and its environment.

For over four decades, Justin's artistry has transcended borders, adorning the collections of museums, corporations, and discerning individuals worldwide. Renowned collectors such as Peter Coors (Adolph Coors Corp.), Mutual of Omaha, Ronald Roderick, Malcolm King, Chris Klineburger, Bob & Cathy Duhadaway, and many others have embraced his creations. His accolades include prestigious awards such as the Ducks Unlimited Palette and Chisel Award, The Quail Unlimited 10th Anniversary Bronze, and The Colorado Arts Council Bronze. Justin also has several monumental sculptures listed in the Smithsonian

Beyond his artistic prowess, Justin's heart brims with philanthropic intent. His art has become a powerful conduit for raising millions of dollars for various charitable causes. Beneficiaries include Wounded Warriors, Safari Club, Dallas Safari Club, Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, Wild Turkey Federation, The Buffalo Bill Museum, Pheasants Forever, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, FNAWS, Ovis Grand Slam, The Weatherby Foundation, Run for the Cure, Hospice, The Colorado Shelter for Abused Women, and numerous others.

While his early works celebrated the rich tapestry of North American wildlife, Justin's artistic journey has evolved to encompass globetrotting adventures. His sojourns to Africa kindled a profound fascination for the world's mountain species and indigenous cultures, enriching his artistic palette with global hues.

Justin continues to nurture his craft and creativity from his studios and gallery in his hometown of Lamar, Colorado, nestled serenely on the banks of the Arkansas River. Here, he draws inspiration from the natural world that surrounds him, perpetuating a legacy that bridges the divide between humanity and the magnificent cosmos of wildlife.

While he works diligently in his studio in Lamar, Colorado, drawing inspiration from the natural world that surrounds him, he also embraces the art of plein air painting, often immersing himself in diverse locations like the Sea of Cortez, the remote wilderness of Insatiable, and even on private farms.

Justin's art can be found in thousands of locations around the world, but his latest work represents a fascinating evolution. He's shifted his focus to portray not only the wildlife but also the people and places he knows intimately. He believes that art encompasses the people, places, and things one knows, and this shift in his artistic perspective reflects a deeper exploration of the interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world. Through his art, Justin Young continues to bridge the divide, inviting us to see the profound beauty in both the wildlife and the human experience.

Email: jyoungfineart@hotmail.com
Mail: PO Box 409, Lamar CO, 81052
Phone: 719 336 2556