The Squatters

"The Squatters" by artist Justin Young captures a serene and enchanting moment in the heart of western Kansas during a sun-drenched spring afternoon. The canvas comes alive with the vibrant colors and delicate details that tell the story of this unique encounter with nature.

At the center of the painting, two Ring-Neck Pheasants take the spotlight. A striking male pheasant, resplendent in its iridescent plumage, stands proudly beside a demure female. Their intent is clear as they delicately search for the perfect nesting site amidst the rich, sunlit landscape. Each feather, meticulously painted, conveys their elegance and determination.

In the background, an old sunflower stalk stretches skyward, weathered and bearing witness to countless seasons. Perched atop it, a Meadowlark, its brilliant yellow plumage gleaming in the sun, stands as the unofficial guardian of this picturesque scene. Its song rings out across the Kansas plains, its beak open wide in a cheerful squawk, as if it were greeting the pheasants and all who dare to intrude upon this tranquil tableau.

But hidden beneath the tall grasses below the sunflower, a secret unfolds. A female Meadowlark, delicate and subtly colored, hides quietly, her presence giving away the astonishing twist to this story. The artist, Justin Young, stumbled upon this scene in real life, discovering that the Meadowlarks had already claimed this very spot for their nest. It was in this moment that Young paused to marvel at the pheasants, and as he did, the entire scene before him began to unfold, culminating in the painting we now behold.

"The Squatters" is not just a masterful display of artistic skill but also a tribute to the intricate and harmonious relationships that exist in the natural world. Through Young's brushstrokes, viewers are transported to a fleeting moment of discovery, a testament to the beauty and wonder of the Kansas plains in springtime, where the delicate balance of life and nature is celebrated in every stroke of the artist's hand.

Edition Size 700 Signed and Numbered

Paper Size 20 X 24 Inches

Image Size 15 X 20 Inches