The Sentry

In "The Sentry," a captivating tableau unfolds beneath the soft, early afternoon sun, encapsulating the essence of a timeless Wyoming landscape. Crafted by the skilled artist Justin Young, this masterpiece pays homage to nature, tradition, and vigilance.

Set in the serene town of Lander, Wyoming, in late September, the painting was inspired by Young's journey to the annual One Shot hunt, an event steeped in tradition and sponsored by the Governor of Wyoming. In this picturesque setting, Young encountered a scene that would become the focus of his art.

At its core is a picturesque watering hole, its surface mirroring the hues of the surrounding prairie. Here, a male buck antelope stands tall and watchful, embodying strength and majesty in the wild. With alert eyes scanning the horizon, he becomes "The Sentry," the guardian of this vital source of life.

Beside him, two female pronghorn antelope graze gracefully, symbolizing the unity and harmony of nature, where life revolves around the land's sustenance.

Hidden within the tall grasses are two sage grouse, subtly representing the interconnectedness of all life in this ecosystem. Their presence underscores the intricate web of existence in even the most remote corners of our world.

"The Sentry" invites reflection on tradition, nature, and preservation. The vigilant male antelope, poised at the water's edge, embodies the responsibility to protect the environment and uphold the enduring customs that have shaped this region for generations.

Justin Young's brushstrokes breathe life into this scene, transforming it into a visual testament to the bonds between mankind, nature, and history. It speaks to our duty to safeguard the wilderness, honor the past, and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. "The Sentry" captures a single moment, yet resonates with the timeless rhythms of the Wyoming landscape and its enduring traditions.

Edition Size 500 Signed and Numbered

50 Artist Proofs

Paper Size 16 X 20 Inches

Image Size 15 X 12 Inches