The Rivalry

"The Rivalry" by artist Justin Young, painted in 1978, transports us to the heart of Carizzo Canyon, Colorado, during the spring. In this captivating artwork, three turkeys take center stage.

The setting is a vibrant forest, teeming with lush greenery, colorful wildflowers, and budding trees. Two dominant gobblers, bedecked in resplendent plumage, command our attention. Their feathers shimmer with hues of bronze, green, and copper, marking their role in the springtime ritual.

These two gobblers are engaged in an unspoken competition for supremacy, their outstretched feathers and proud postures symbolizing the contest for the affections of a concealed female turkey within the woods.

Carizzo Canyon, Colorado, with its characteristic rocky terrain, meandering streams, and towering pine trees, provides the picturesque backdrop for this mesmerizing scene.

"The Rivalry" by Justin Young is a tribute to the beauty and renewal of spring, where nature's drama unfolds in an eternal struggle for love and dominance, masterfully captured by the artist. This iconic painting also graced the cover of Turkey Call magazine, where its vivid portrayal of the turkeys' springtime rivalry was celebrated by a wider audience.

Image Size 12 X 14 Inches

Print Size 15 X 19 Inches

Edition of 800

Signed and Numbered

Printed on Premium 100% Rag Paper

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