The Patriarch

In Justin Young's mesmerizing oil painting titled "The Patriarch," the artist masterfully captures a moment of untamed wilderness and primal beauty. The canvas comes alive with vivid imagery, transporting viewers to a serene and rustic setting that teems with the energy of the wild.

The painting's focal point is a mature, majestic Merriam's tom turkey, its fiery-red wattles and distinctive feather patterns illuminated by the dappled sunlight filtering through the forest canopy. This regal bird is in the throes of an awe-inspiring courtship ritual, which has been ignited by the raspy, seductive yelp of a box call that pierced the air just moments ago.

As the turkey approaches, the air resonates with the distant, resonant echo of his roaring gobble—an electrifying response to the alluring call. This guttural sound reverberates through the wilderness, serving as a testament to the untamed spirit of the bird and nature itself. The sheer power and primal intensity of the moment are palpable, making the hairs on the back of the viewer's neck stand on end.

Drawing closer to the viewer's perspective, the magnificent gobbler unfurls his striking tail feathers in a spectacular fan. His plumage gleams with iridescent hues of emerald, bronze, and sapphire, creating a dazzling spectacle of colors that dances in the soft forest light. His confident strut and flamboyant display are a true testament to his dominance and virility, solidifying his status as "The Patriarch."

In this painting, Justin Young has not only captured the visual splendor of this iconic game bird but has also conveyed the raw, untamed essence of the natural world. "The Patriarch" stands as a symbol of the wild, a testament to the majesty of untamed creatures, and a reminder of the awe-inspiring beauty that can be found in the heart of the wilderness. Young's mastery of his craft allows viewers to not just see but feel the pulse of nature in this captivating masterpiece.

Image size 14 X 17 inches

Limited edition 800 Signed and Numbered

Printed on Premium 100% Rag Paper