The Juniper Retreat

"The Juniper Retreat" by the talented artist Justin Young is a captivating masterpiece that transports viewers to the serene landscape of Two Buttes Creek Bottom in Southeastern Colorado. This exquisite painting captures the essence of a tranquil mid-morning scene in the heart of nature, where the artist's keen eye and passion for the outdoors shine through.

The focal point of this artwork is the three magnificent bobwhite quail, highly sought-after game birds, which emerge gracefully from a lush juniper bush. The artist's dedication to authenticity and attention to detail is evident in every brushstroke, as he meticulously observed and photographed these elusive creatures during his hike along the creek. To ensure the utmost accuracy, Young even raised bobwhite quail in an aviary at his art studio, allowing him to study their form, plumage, and intricate details up close.

The quail, with their distinctive plumage and delicate features, stand out against the natural backdrop of the Colorado landscape. The dappled sunlight filters through the foliage, casting soft, warm hues on the quail's feathers and the surrounding flora. The juniper bush itself is a work of art, painted with precision and care, its branches and leaves creating a harmonious frame for the avian subjects.

"Juniper Retreat" not only captures the beauty of these popular sporting birds but also transports the viewer to a moment of quiet contemplation in nature. The painting's incredible realism and the artist's deep connection to the environment make it a true testament to Justin Young's mastery of his craft. It is a visual symphony of nature's wonders and a tribute to the harmony found in the wilderness of Southeastern Colorado, where the delicate balance of life and artistry intertwine.

Edition Size 800 Signed and Numbered

Paper Size 16 X 20 Inches

Image Size 12 X 15 Inches