The Evening Flight

Step into the enchanting world of Justin Young's masterpiece, "The Evening Flight," where the tranquil moment just before evening sets the stage for a captivating natural spectacle. In this breathtaking scene, six majestic Canadian Geese take center stage in the foreground, gracefully descending for a gentle landing. Among them, a remarkable albino goose stands out, its ethereal presence adding a touch of rarity to the tableau.

As the sun's golden hues cast a warm glow across the landscape, your eyes are drawn to the sprawling field below. Here, countless geese have already settled, creating a harmonious symphony of avian life. In the distance, the sky is painted with the silhouettes of thousands more geese in full flight, their formation a testament to the impeccable choreography of nature.

The journey unfolds with the initial family group, their wings outstretched in unity as they lazily skim the water's surface, their honks a melodic prelude to the spectacle that awaits. With effortless grace, they gain altitude, ascending into the heavens until they become a faint, almost ethereal thread on the distant horizon. Soon, another group joins the airborne procession, then another, and another, until the sporadic honking crescendos into a resounding roar that fills the sky.

This captivating migration, a true marvel of the natural world, marks the evening flight's commencement. Each autumn and winter evening in the reservoirs of Southeastern Colorado, this breathtaking scene unfolds, a testament to the timeless rhythms of nature.

For some of these magnificent creatures, the journey is arduous, spanning up to 30 miles in search of nourishment. Yet, in contrast, the small group depicted here has chosen to savor their meal near the tranquil waters of the lake.

These geese, predominantly majestic Canada Geese, begin their journey from the Arctic in November, gracing these landscapes with their presence until the arrival of March. Their annual pilgrimage has turned Queens Lake, John Martin Reservoir, and Two Buttes Reservoir into nationally recognized havens for sportsmen, as featured in renowned sporting magazines. Turk's Pond, immortalized in this painting, occasionally hosts as many as 80,000 geese, a testament to its vital role in the cycle of life.

Adding a touch of intrigue and excitement, the artist, Justin Young, has lovingly rendered a rare albino Canada goose in his composition—a creature he encountered at Turk's Pond in 1978. Unlike the more common snow goose, this albino goose boasts a lightly rust-colored head, gracefully highlighting the distinctive chin strap characteristic of Canada Geese. In "The Evening Flight," Young not only captures a moment in time but also the profound beauty of the natural world—a beauty that continues to inspire and enchant all who behold it.

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