The Decoy

In the captivating painting "The Decoy" by the talented artist Justin Young, we find ourselves immersed in a serene afternoon scene along a lush greenbelt trail near Fort Collins, Colorado. This tranquil tableau captures a pivotal moment in the natural world, radiating a sense of balance and harmony.

The setting bathes in the gentle, warm glow of the afternoon sun, casting a soft, golden radiance over the idyllic landscape. Nature unfolds before us, a vibrant tapestry of greens, weaving its own masterpiece. A verdant hedge row winds gracefully through the composition, providing a safe haven for various wildlife.

At the heart of this captivating scene stands a keen-eyed red fox, its russet fur aglow in the dappled sunlight. The fox, ever watchful and ready to seize an opportunity, adds a touch of wild elegance to the composition.

Suddenly, the tranquil scene is enlivened as a Mallard Drake bursts from the tall grass, his emerald and iridescent blue plumage gleaming in the sunlight. Startled by the Drake's sudden flight, our eyes are drawn to the main protagonist of this narrative.

Concealed amongst the tall grass near the trail, a Mallard Hen had been diligently nurturing her clutch of hidden eggs, her maternal instincts guiding her every move. The artist skillfully captures the intimacy of this secret haven, inviting us to share in the anticipation of new life.

The climax of the story unfolds as the Mallard Drake, driven by instinct and the desire to protect his beloved mate and their soon-to-hatch offspring, takes flight with wings outstretched. He soars boldly over the cunning fox, serving as a courageous decoy to lead the threat away from the hidden nest.

Justin Young's "The Decoy" is a powerful testament to the intricate dance of life and survival that plays out in the heart of nature. In this work, the artist wonderfully portrays the profound beauty of the wild and the timeless story of instinctual love and protection.

This artwork invites us to reflect on the delicate balance of the natural world, reminding us to cherish and protect the untamed wonders that surround us.

Edition Size 600 Signed and Numbered

20 X 26 Inches

18 X 22 Inches