South Platte Sunrise

"South Platte Sunrise" by artist Justin Young captures the timeless beauty of Northern Colorado's South Platte River Valley as it awakens under the gentle embrace of a rising sun. The painting transports viewers to a tranquil moment in this breathtaking landscape.

As the first rays of the sun pierce through the crisp morning air, the scene is bathed in a soft, golden glow that hints at the approaching change of seasons, with the chill of an early winter storm lingering in the wind. The air is alive with the restless movements of waterfowl, their keen senses attuned to the shifting weather patterns. This twenty-mile stretch of the South Platte River Valley, extending from Masters to Weldona, is no stranger to such atmospheric transitions.

An annual sanctuary for thousands of migratory waterfowl, this region is renowned as the "Golden Triangle of Waterfowl." It finds its boundaries within the embrace of Jackson Reservoir, Empire Reservoir, and Riverside Reservoir, where these majestic birds seek refuge from hunters, finding sustenance in the bountiful corn and wheat fields that grace the local landscape. The tradition of waterfowling in this area is rich and storied, with clubs like the Sand Bar Club, Windbreak Ranch, Beebe Draw, the Warner Duck Club, Riverside Gun Club, and the Centennial Club playing vital roles.

In "South Platte Sunrise," we witness a serene moment as waterfowl gracefully descend upon Putman Slough, which meanders through the MacPherson Gun Club's territory. The famed "heated duck blind" of Punch Bohn stands proudly along the slough's banks, a testament to the enduring connection between man and nature in this region. In the distance, the South Platte River winds its way through the valley, a lifeline for both the wildlife and the communities that have thrived here for generations.

The rich legacy of this land has not only inspired artists like Justin Young but also renowned authors like Robert Ruark, who hunted this very area and chronicled its allure, and James Michener, who found inspiration for his epic novel "Centennial" in the valley's captivating history. "South Platte Sunrise" pays tribute to this timeless tapestry of nature, tradition, and the ever-changing beauty of Northern Colorado's South Platte River Valley.

Limited Edition 800 Signed and Numbered

Paper Size 19 X 25 Inches

Image Size 14 X 22 Inches

Printed on 100% Premium Rag Paper