Sand Bar Honkers

"Sand Bar Honkers" by the renowned artist Justin Young captures a serene and captivating moment along the South Platt River during the late morning of an early November day. This exquisite painting, commissioned by the esteemed Sand Bar Club in 1985 for a Ducks Unlimited Fundraiser Gala, is a testament to the natural beauty and the importance of wildlife conservation.

In this stunning artwork, Young skillfully transports the viewer to the heart of the Sand Bar Club's cherished riverbank sanctuary. The scene is bathed in the soft, golden hues of a late autumn morning, as sunlight gently filters through the surrounding foliage. The river's tranquil waters reflect the colors of the season, creating a harmonious blend of earthy tones.

At the center of the composition, we are treated to the sight of majestic Canadian Geese. These noble creatures have chosen the Sand Bar Club as their respite, a temporary haven where they gather to rest before embarking on their daily forage. The geese are beautifully rendered, their plumage meticulously detailed, and their regal presence dominating the canvas.

Justin Young's mastery of light and shadow is evident as he captures the delicate ripples on the water's surface and the way in which the geese cast elongated reflections upon the river. The landscape itself is painted with a keen eye for detail, featuring the riverbank's lush vegetation and the subtle interplay between land and water.

The significance of "Sand Bar Honkers" is not limited to its artistic excellence. The painting holds historical value as it was originally commissioned by the Sand Bar Club and presented as a centerpiece for a Ducks Unlimited Fundraiser Gala. This gesture underscores the club's commitment to wildlife preservation and the protection of natural habitats.

Notably, the original artwork was bestowed upon James Watt, the Secretary of the Interior at the time, emphasizing the critical role of government agencies in conserving our nation's precious wildlife and ecosystems.

"Sand Bar Honkers" by Justin Young is a timeless masterpiece that invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of nature and reflect on the importance of safeguarding our natural heritage. It serves as a powerful reminder of the harmonious coexistence between man and the wild, and the shared responsibility we bear in preserving these sanctuaries for future generations.

Edition Size 200 Signed and Numbered

Paper Size 16 X 18 Inches

Images Size 11 X 14 Inches