Sand Bar Green-wings

"Sand Bar Green-wings" by the talented artist Justin Young captures the serene beauty of an early morning scene on the South Platte River, nestled near the renowned Sand Bar Club. This magnificent painting transports viewers to a tranquil autumn day, where nature's wonders come alive in vivid detail.

The focal point of this masterpiece features a pair of drake and hen Green-winged Teal gracefully gliding across the glassy surface of the river. Their iridescent plumage glistens in the soft, golden light of the morning sun, creating a breathtaking contrast against the river's calm waters. In the background, more ducks can be seen descending onto the river, adding to the sense of activity and life in this pristine natural setting.

Amidst this picturesque waterfowl scene stand majestic cottonwood trees, their leaves adorned in the rich, warm hues of fall. The trees provide a stunning frame for the river and its feathered inhabitants, while their vibrant foliage adds a touch of autumnal splendor to the landscape.

This remarkable artwork was commissioned by the Sand Bar Club in honor of their 86th Rendezvous, a fundraising event dedicated to supporting the Greenwing Program for Youth, members of Ducks Unlimited. It symbolizes the club's unwavering commitment to conservation and the nurturing of the next generation of conservationists.

The original painting was presented to Robert Eberhardt, who served as the President of the Bank of Stockton, California, and also held the esteemed position of President of Ducks Unlimited at the time. "Sand Bar Green-wings" not only captures the essence of this magnificent natural habitat but also embodies the spirit of dedication and stewardship that drives organizations like Ducks Unlimited to protect and preserve our precious wetlands and waterfowl. Justin Young's skillful artistry invites us to connect with nature's beauty and reminds us of the importance of preserving it for generations to come.

Edition Size 200 Signed and Numbered

Paper Size 16 X 18 Inches

Image Size 11 X 14 Inches