River Bottom Bobs

"River Bottom Bobs" by the talented artist Justin Young is a captivating masterpiece that transports viewers to the serene banks of the Arkansas River, near Lamar, Colorado, in the soft glow of a tranquil afternoon. This painting is a symphony of nature and emotions, capturing a profound moment of connection between man, dog, and the untamed wilderness.

At the zenith of the canvas, a majestic cottonwood tree frames the scene, its sprawling branches gently embracing the river's edge. The top of the painting is framed by this iconic cottonwood tree, under which the heart of the scene unfolds.

The painting captures the flight of three male BobWhite birds, a harmonious dance of nature captured in mid-flight. These delicate creatures symbolize the beauty of the wild, and their sudden departure is a testament to the fragility of the moment. These birds have been discovered by the artist's loyal companion, a German Shorthair named Live, who was pointing to them in the moment with unbridled enthusiasm. Live's exuberance mirrors the unfiltered joy that can only be found in the natural world.

Yet, the idyllic scene is not without its intrigue. Tucked within the dense foliage of the cottonwood tree is an elusive owl, a predator to the BobWhite birds. This hidden observer adds a layer of tension and vulnerability to the composition. The owl's presence, in turn, reveals the delicate balance between predator and prey, underscoring the constant interplay of life and death in the wilderness.

"River Bottom Bobs" transcends the confines of a canvas, immersing viewers in a story of connection, discovery, and the ever-present wildness of nature. Justin Young's masterful brushwork and keen eye for detail bring this captivating narrative to life, inviting us to contemplate the beauty and fragility of the natural world that surrounds us. It serves as a poignant reminder that even in the most peaceful moments, the wild remains untamed, and nature's mysteries continue to unfold before our eyes.

Edition Info:

  • 500 S/N:  $175
  • 50 Artist Proof:  $350
  • Image Size 14 X 16 Inches
  • Paper Size 18 X 21 Inches