October Wing at Rock Lake

"October Wing at Rock Lake" is a captivating oil painting by artist Justin Young that captures the essence of a brisk October morning in Rock Lake, North Dakota. In the background, the town's grain silos and water tower add to the rustic charm of the setting. However, the painting's true focal point is the awe-inspiring sight in the foreground: a vast field covered with tens of thousands of snow geese, a scene that can reach up to one million birds in October.

Five snow geese take center stage, gracefully descending into the field with outstretched wings, symbolizing the spirit of the migration. Young's artistic process involved a combination of on-location plein air painting and meticulous studio work, resulting in a masterpiece that beautifully blends the natural beauty of Rock Lake with his artistic interpretation.

Commissioned by North Dakota Ducks Unlimited, this painting pays homage to their sponsorship of the year and commitment to preserving the unique natural habitats that make Rock Lake a renowned destination for both wildlife and nature enthusiasts. "October Wing at Rock Lake" captures the magic of an October morning when the world's largest snow goose migration fills the skies with beauty and rural America's landscape tells a timeless tale.

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