Cave Ram

My friend, Travis, was very lucky to draw an Arizona elk tag in a preferred unit. As he was excitedly walking into a remote area he had hunted deer in before, he noticed a small cave that had been hidden, probably for decades, that had been washed open by recent heavy flooding. He carefully ventured in and discovered a beautifully preserved desert ram skull. He retrieved it and reported it to the proper authorities. They allowed him to keep it.

We were both very curious how the sheep ended up in this long undisturbed cave. Had a lion stashed it there, perhaps a native American had hidden it there. How long had it been there? A decade? A century? A thousand years? We can only guess and imagine. I created the "Cave Ram" as a tribute to secret cycles of the universe. It is for us all to enjoy and imagine all the possibilities.

Medium: Original lost wax bronze casting. Natural brown patina with high polish mounted on presentation pedestal.

Size: Life Size

Edition info:

  • 77 signed and numbered: $6,500
  • 7 Artist's proofs: $9,500