The Ritual of the High Cliffs

"The Ritual of the High Cliffs," a bronze sculpture by wildlife artist Justin Young, is an evocative tribute to the primal and majestic courtship displays of the Bezoar Ibex during the fall rut. Commissioned by Ronald Rederis, this piece was inspired by Young's own experiences in the Travis Mountains of Turkey, where the sheer cliffs create a dramatic backdrop for the ritualistic combat of the Ibex. Each detail is rendered with meticulous care, from the muscular tension in the animals as they collide to the rugged texture of the landscape they call home. The sculpture captures a frozen moment in nature's grand theater, a dynamic dance of dominance and grace that ensures the survival of the species. This work not only celebrates the Bezoar Ibex in their natural habitat but also showcases Young's profound respect for these creatures and his skill in immortalizing their most breathtaking moments.

Original Lost Cast Wax Bronze on American Black Walnut Base

36”H x 32”W X 24”L